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How to make yoghurt - Easy, Cheap and Fast.
Frederik Beck

How to make yoghurt - Easy, Cheap and Fast.

This video details an easy way of making your own yoghurt. The process: The process of making yoghurt is both straight forward and easy. First milk is gently heated to 80 degrees Celsius. Stir frequently during this stage and do not allow the milk to boil. Check the temperature frequently, and once the milk reaches 80 degrees turn off the heat. Stir periodically as the milk is cooling to prevent skim from developing. Allow the milk to return to 60 degrees before adding the starter. A couple of table spoons of starter per litre of milk is enough, though you can add a bit more if you want it to turn into yoghurt faster. The starter itself can also be from a previous batch of homemade yoghurt, though it tends to gradually loose its potency and so its advisable to use a fresh starter of store bought yoghurt at least every 5 batches or so. This may vary in different locations - and so experimentation is suggested. The yoghurt should be natural without additives, flavours or added sugar. After the starter is added, the lid is closed on the pressure cooker - it is then allowed to incubate for a number of hours. The 'trick' with the pressure cooker is that the thick lid keeps most of the heat from escaping and so the milk stays in the zone of 40-60 degrees Celsius for an extended period of time. Enough to allow the yoghurt to form quickly. If the temperature of the milk drops to 30 degrees or below too quickly the yoghurt will not be created as efficiently. A substitute for the pressure/slow cooker might be an oven with the pilot light on. Check periodically and stir to check when the desired consistency has been reached. Drain through a muslin or cheese cloths at the end if you desire a thick 'Greek' yoghurt. The tools used here is: - Pressure cooker (process would be the same in a slow cooker) - Thermometer - Spatula (or other stirring device) - Small container of store-bought natural yoghurt to act as a starter. ******************** You can find more information about me and the training that I offer in the links below: [Website] [Instagram] [Facebook Group] “The Harmonious Body” If you have any questions, leave a comment below – or contact me directly though any of the above channels. Thank you for watching. - Frederik
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