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Online Training


I offer online training for those who are unable to meet up in person.

The training can either be a stand alone practice or be an adjunct to other physical methods.

The training is always individualized. 

To inquire about online training I can be reached at -

or contacted through the contact form on this site.


Write a few words about yourself and we will take it from there.


The Process

First we will set up an initial video consult. This is currently a complimentary service. During this conversation we will explore and discuss your goals. I will explain how the training process works in greater detail.

What follows?


If we are a good match the training can usually begin immediately after the initial talk. In some instances a brief period of testing is required.

Online training works necessitates ongoing contact for optimal results. Students are encouraged to check in weekly. Regular talks is also a part of the training.

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