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‘The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born:  now is the time of monsters’ - Antonio Gramsci

Many great cultures - even civilisation itself - are in an entropic spiral towards collapse. The silicon pipe-dream of a glorious future of onwards and upwards - of perpetual progress - is vanishing as smoke in the wind. At the same time the answers to the most important questions we face as human beings elude us.  We have an abundance of technical and material knowledge but neither the wisdom, nor the understanding to utilise it in ways that are harmonious with planet Earth. 


It is no mystery how we have arrived at this situation:  as a species collectively; and on an individual level, we have become deskilled in the physical, cultural, and spiritual technologies that lead to long term stable and living cultures existing in a harmonious relationship with the world.  We are less capable than our ancestors, and so we have become inept to face the challenges that surround us in a meaningful way.  We live in a high-tech, low wisdom society - disconnected from ourselves, each other, and physical reality.  A question rarely uttered, how do we train ourselves to live better lives?

The Harmonious Body is a method of physical work for pathfinding our way out of our reasonable delusions and back to ourselves and each other as human beings. It is 21st century survival. Not just the physical - but mental, emotional, bioenergetic and memetic skillsets need to be trained if we are to thrive and navigate the rapidly changing world. More:  it is a way to become skilled in what we need to face the real issues of this age - and mercurial in out responses to them.  Seeing the world as it is, is necessary realism - but it needn’t be a dire and depressing vision.   We can be part of a fusion of the new and a rebreathing of the ancient.  At this critical moment in time as we make the transition between major epochs in human history, we acutely need humour, craft and communion between each other and the earth. 


I am a physical culturalist at heart. My method of physical work comes out of 20 years of practical tinkering. To further my understanding of human health and movement I completed my formal education with a medical degree at the University of Southern Denmark. I am currently supplementing my Hippocratic medicine training with the pharmakon of spagyrics, bioenergetics and martial arts.  

The influences that have helped shape the formation of me and my work come in many guises, Korean Zen Buddhism and Druidry are primary influences.


Some reflections on my background can be found in this clip

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